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Re: disklabel

Kyrre Ness Sjobak wrote:

søn, 12.12.2004 kl. 17.55 skrev Manu Abraham:

On Sun December 12 2004 4:45 pm, Kyrre Ness Sjobak wrote:

søn, 12.12.2004 kl. 13.16 skrev Manu Abraham:

	I had a machine running RH9 and a 120GB SATA HDD. The HDD was ailing and
occassionally giving out sector not found {Drive ready,Seek failure}
errors. So i thought it was time to move in to FC3 and a new 160GB SATA

Bootup of FC3 gave me a kernel crash, and an error complaining about
suggesting acpi=off, but even with acpi=off, still gave me the same
warning and a crash..

I then later on figured that the SATA Enhanced mode operation would be a
problem and switched it to compatibility mode. The motherboard is an ASUS
P4C800, Intel 875 chipset.. Lo it worked....

That went fine through.... No problems even though initially i thought
not to edit /etc/fstab by hand because it was generated by fstab-sync ? I
went on to edit it by hand...

Everything went smoothly...

Now i figured that i required some files more were there on the old HDD, than compared to the backup i had...

I plugged in the OLD SATA HDD has Primary Slave, and the NEW SATA HDD as
Primary master.

The initscripts failed stating about duplicate LABEL=/, LABEL=/boot,

and a hung system...

I know that if i modify the disklabels to actual device names my problems
would be solved...

But, what i would like to know is whether a graceful way of doing it
exists, without much hassle... I know that this is not much of an issue,
but still thought it would be better if i posted the problem...


Comment out the lines, add new lines for the same stuff. Then plug it
in, boot, mount the volumes, copy the stuff, shutdown, unplug, and
uncomment the lines again.

That's what i temporarily did to solve the problem...


Sometimes, the simplest solution is the best solution :)

I don't really understand the need for disk labels in fstab at all, in fact it has always caused me more problems while not doing anything helpful that I am aware of.

I would like to remove labels from some partitions. I have relabeled partitions but I'm not quite sure how to safely remove labels.


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