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Re: A small request ...

On Thu, Dec 16, 2004 at 11:09:15AM -0500, Dan Williams wrote:
> On Thu, 2004-12-16 at 11:01 -0500, William Hooper wrote:
> > Perhaps you could elaborate?  On my Workstation install there is exactly
> > one  *i18n* RPM: openoffice.org-i18n.  Granted it is a large file, but
> > that has already been discussed and IIRC will be broken into different
> > RPMs for FC4.  That said if you don't need the additional languges you can
> > just remove it.
> Furthermore, language-specific files in openoffice.org-i18n are tagged
> with "rpm_lang" so you can actually make RPM _not_ install files that
> aren't your language by setting some magic RPM option which I forget.

Not really an option but a macro called %_install_langs and which
happens to be defined as 'all' in /usr/lib/rpm/macros.

Indeed after dropping in a file /etc/rpm/macros.lang with the
following line in it:

%_install_langs  C:en:pl:fr:ru

I see after 'rpm -qls openoffice.org-i18n' 6029 "not installed"
lines while 'rpm -qV openoffice.org-i18n' is still happy.

There are two troubles with that.  One is that there is no way to
specify that during an initial installation (and I did not check if
anaconda will honour that during upgrades but it would not surprise
me if not).  You have to do a package update after you added your
own definition for %_install_langs or force a reinstallation
('glibc-common' can be slimmed down quite a bit too and particularly
on a laptop this may make a substantial difference).  The other
one is that this bit of information seems to be a quite "esotheric
knowledge" and I am not even sure if it is properly documented


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