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Re: Rawhide SE Linux targeted policy warning !!!

Paul wrote:

I just updated from rawhide. I am using selinux-policy-targeted-1.19.15-7. It
breaks about everything. My suggestion is to skip it (unless you want a little
excitement in your life).

glibc is also knackered (fails to map correctly).

That is extremely unlikely, especially since I run it (and the latest policy as well).

Since nobody has posted any actual information I must guess that some files are mislabeled. E.g., ldconfig for some reason creates updated glibc DOSs with


instead of


This difference is crucial since the policy now is restrictive when it comes to mapping files for execution. So, take a look at the output of

ls -lZ /lib /lib/tls /usr/lib

(and for related directories). If any DSO uses lib_t instead of shlib_t, fix the label. The easiest way to do this is to relabel the entire filesystem. More info at


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