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Re: Testing - kernel-2.6.9-1.715_FC3 panics on GUI Exit

Alexandre Strube wrote:
Em Qua, 2004-12-29 às 07:04 -0500, Jim Cornette escreveu:

I still had the problem with later than 715 kernels and am using kernel 2.6.9-1.681_FC3. I get a lockup sometimes when ctl-alt-Fn to a terminal and then back to the GUI. The shutdown is alright in most cases.

Did you tried 698? Changing to kernel 698 and changing from integrated
agp savage 8x to a old pci-voodoo4 solved it to me. Don't know which one
of those solved, I did it at the same time.

I downloaded and installed it through firefox just now. I was surprised that clicking on the file would launch system-config-packages and have automated download followed by an installation. The installation process was rather slow, but a welcome addition. I hope it improves for speed and functionality for FC4.

Thanks! Since this was a clean install, I missed the introduction of kernel-2.6.9-1.698_FC3 in testing. The 715 version, which crashes this computer on shutdown, was already in the testing repository. 698 was obscured by the newer kernel version being there also.

I'll see if this works without putting the computer into a panic state.


Double your disk space - delete Windows!

-- Albert Dorofeev

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