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Re: x86_64 updates

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Rob Myers wrote:
| On Tue, 2004-01-27 at 11:14, Chuck Mead wrote:
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|>Rob Myers wrote:
|>| i'm in the same boat.  perhaps we should coordinate building the updates
|>| for x86-64?
|>As am I. I have been snagging the src.rpm's and building/applying the
|>updates as they are released.
| chuck, would you be willing to setup an updates yum repo for the rest of
| us?
| rob.

Yeah I can do it... I am not sure what the data rate is but I have
access to a people.redhat.com location and could put it there as a short
term solution. I am already hosting some yum repositories for packages
that I care about at http://moongroup.com/files.html.

If you guys would like me to do this I'd be glad to... one thing
though... I don't want to get yelled at for *NOT* having things done in
a timely manner though as I *DO* have a day job!

So... that said... since most of the updates were already in our release
what do we need today? I'd expect it's just slocate right?

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