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Re: gnome main-menu icon

On Mon, 03 May 2004 14:57:51 -0400, Marcos Pinto
<markybob capitolcreag com> wrote:
> i'm running fedora core 2 test 3 and i've been trying for two days to
> change the default main-menu icon from redhat's red hat to a custom one
> that i've been using for years.  i tried changing it using gconftools-2,
> as i've done in the past, but it didnt work for me this time.  a google
> search took me to http://www.ic.sunysb.edu/Stu/aaranya/redhat_gnome.html
> where i followed every instruction, tried every different method, and
> still didnt get it to work.  what gives?  the point of open source is to
> be able to customize the entire system.  why would redhat deviate from
> the standard in this?  anyone know how i can change this, the 'fedora
> way'?
> thanks for your help

Err i got my menu icon to change when changing the icon theme... i
just had to restart the panel for it to take effect.


At most this is a small glitch becuase the gnome-panel doesn't
notice the change. Unless you mean something different, I definitely
saw the menu icon change on panel restart, and it definitely matched
the icon themes i selected in the theme manager.


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