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Re: getting ACPI suspend to work (on Dell Inspiron)

On Fri, 7 May 2004, F. Kooman wrote:

> On Fri, 2004-05-07 at 16:09, Quasar Jarosz wrote:
> > My HP Pavilion ze4430us suspends when i echo 3 into /proc/acpi/sleep, and
> > everything looks good until i try to turn it back on. Opening the lid does
> > nothing, and pressing any of the hotkeys or the power key cause it to
> > begin to power up, and then it just shuts down.
> [fkooman pluto fkooman]$ cat /etc/acpi/events/sample.conf
> # This is a sample ACPID configuration
> event=button/power.*
> action=/sbin/shutdown -h now
> [fkooman pluto fkooman]$
> Maybe that's why your computer shuts down?
> Gr,
> François

Possibly, however I don't think that's it. It doesn't really have time to
power back up, it just kinda begins lighting up, then powers off
instantly. However, i'll try changing that and giving another shot when i
get home today, thanks.

Anyone else have an HP Pavilion and wanna give me some hints with anything
weird with them? :) ATi Mobility U1, anyone? :)


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