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Re: cyrus-imap

Am Mo, den 10.05.2004 schrieb Chris Kloiber um 06:06:

> I was logged in as user 'cyrus'. I created a mailbox 'ckloiber' which
> worked, and I could set/remove permissions and store mail there. But I
> discovered that all mail boxes should be created like: 

I remember my first steps with Cyrus-IMAPd and I did the same mistake by
creating a mail account with name adalloz instead of user.adalloz.
Unfortunately I just do not remember how I got rid of the wrong box.

> galileo.ckloiber.com> cm 'user.ckloiber'
> Which gives that user an official 'INBOX:'
> So I was having difficulty running the command:
> galileo.ckloiber.com> dm 'ckloiber'
> Which I expect to work when I'm logged in as 'cyrus'. I suspect the
> difficulty may lie in the fact the mailbox to be deleted does not follow
> the naming convention.

Yes, with wrong naming it is not treated as a mailbox.

One other thing you should avoid - I did run into that fault by my own
lack of knowledge - is, to define in /etc/imapd.conf an additional admin

admins: cyrus kcloiber

i.e. here ckloiber and using that account as a normal mailbox too,
because you may think it will make some maintenance easier. It will
cause you much trouble with wrongly created entries in the cyrus mailbox

> Chris Kloiber


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