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Re: Virgin Yum Says "No Server" After 7 May Install & Yum Update; Why>

On Mon, 10 May 2004 15:38:40 -0400, billg <billg f-m fm> wrote:
> I know this has been beat to death, but running "yum check-update" is
> telling me the server isn't there.  This is on an FC2 Test3 machine built
> on 7 May from ISO's pulled down on 6 May and successfully updated via yum
> on 7 may (i.e., freeze day).  I did not receive this error on that day
> and have made zero changes to yum's configuration, ever, period.  Why did
> yum work on 7 May but not since?  Did the update pull down a bogus list
> of servers?
> Here's  what I'm seeing:

what you are seeing, is a new default yum.conf that has been prepared
for default fc2 operation.  if you follow the http links for the
header.info in a browser its pretty obvious why its not working. And
if you compare against the new up2date default urls, its pretty clear
this was a delibrate change in preparation for the release version
bumping up to fedora-core-2.

This is not breakage...this is a delibrate change in the defaults so
that things will work for fc2 installations. Testers by definition,
get screwed over. This is what we signed up for, to have things break
for us, so fc2 installs will break less. Now that devel tree is frozen
according to the release schedule, does this really matter?


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