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Re: Up2date doesn't seem to work anymore

Hugh Caley wrote:
A couple of weeks back up2date stopped finding updates for my installation of test 3. I went so far as to remove and reinstall the rpm (up2date-4.3.18-2) but to no avail. I get different mirrors when I run it, such as today:

Channel information
yum channel fedora-core-2 from http://mirror.hiwaay.net/redhat/fedora/linux/core/2/i386/os/


yum channel fedora-core-2 from http://mirror.eas.muohio.edu/fedora/linux/core/2/i386/os/

but when I run it (the GUI) I get:

There was a fatal error communicating with the server. The message was:

an HTTP error occurred:
URL: http://mirror.hiwaay.net/redhat/fedora/linux/core/2/i386/os//headers/header.info

Status Code: 404
Error Message: Not Found

Can I fix this?



Gerry Tool

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