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OT: stop the excessive whining!


is it just me or has there been an excessive amount of whining on the list
lately? i've kept quiet trying to ignore it but enough is enough. if people put
the time they spend whining abouut how Fedora inconveniences them etc. into
time building packages, fixing bugs, writing code, filing bugzilla reports,
etc. then there would be a lot less problems in Fedora. i don't mean to start a
flame war but i thought the list was supposed to be fedora-test-list and not

i admit the MP3, video player, and firewire are slightly incoveniencing but
there are well-known work arounds that exist... and i think everyone has beat
the issue to death. we all know where redhat stands on this and if people
aren't happy, then thanks to the freedom of open-source people can migrate

anyways, sorry for wasting everyone's time and bandwidth but after the recent
messages i felt the need to speak up.

mark. :-)

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