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Re: Red Hat Introduces Desktop Linux Competitor

I could say the reason why RedHat dislikes KDE and goes for GNOME is because GNOME developers do not understand OOP methdologies and are simpletons....

But that would start a fight. :-)

You also have to understand the reason why both desktops exist in the first place. Qt which powers KDE's environment initally had licensing issues and I think that sorta burned a lot of people. All the burned people go together and created GTK, which powers GNOME.

Qt is fully GPL'ed on the Linux platform, but not on Windows. Windowsn will be going away soon anyway so that isn't a big deal.


But seriously, I would like the LSB project to step in here and say the official LSB standard is GNOME and KDE and the standard requires interoperability and more importantly a choice for end users.

I think it comes down to everyone trying to be the Linux Desktop of the future choice. It is easier for end users if you don't mix and match GNOME and KDE applications to prevent confusion.

GNOME is certainly EASIER to install than KDE, which is farm more complex than GNOME to build and install from scratch, let alone configure after it is installed in the first place.

Perhaps the choice was simply based on Utility....


PS: I prefer KDE. :-)

jim tate wrote:

Why is it, that Redhat so dislikes KDE? the number one
choice of linux users.

I read this article, and I assumed that they will still offer KDE
as a optional install in Fedora2.
Every time Redhat makes a move, it's counter to the majority of
the linux community. I am for them making money and staying
in business, but WOW the way they go about it.

Jim Tate

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