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Re: Serious reservations about FC2 release on 5/18

On Mon, 17 May 2004 04:09:04 -0500
James Jensen <cheeb2002 comcast net> wrote:

> >Nobody seems to think it makes Windows XP look bad.  I'm sure they'll
> >be just as understanding about FC2.
> >
> If only that were true... the problem is that, sadly, it's still the 
> Linux distros that have to prove themselves, not Microsoft.  One major 
> flaw in an Free system's worth half a dozen in a proprietary system.
> -J. Jensen

Hi James.

This hardly counts as a major flaw and IMHO Linux distros don't have to 
prove themselves to anyone anyway.   If you don't want to use Linux -- don't.  
Linux  provides enough value on it's own merit.   No need to convince anyone 
who  has the least bit of doubt.   Should be no skin off your back or mine if 
others choose to use some other operating system.  Let them use more 
expensive, restrictive software if they want.   This is especially true for a 
hobbyist/enthusiast distribution like Fedora. 

The main point is that there is no room for whining in Fedora.   Contribute
what you can.   Understand that it's not a democracy.   Use your freedom
to choose a different option if Fedora turns out to not be right for you.


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