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Re: Serious reservations about FC2 release on 5/18

On Mon, 17 May 2004 05:46:16 -0400, Phil Savoie <psavoie1783 rogers com> wrote:
> Sure Sean.  This is a product.  This is no different than a car company
> promoting a new state of the art car.  Everything works except they
> don't tell you that the brakes that used to work in reverse last year
> don't this year.  But according to you, if you need to back up, you are
> a loser.

You need to be very careful about analogies to cars. Fedora is not a
product, its important to be clear about that, its a project.

And lets also be clear about this issue and issue like it in general. 
A lot of bugs are difficult for developers to reproduce locally on
their hardware. A lot of bugs can arise because of complicated
interactions between hardware and software. Whatever is happening with
fedora in this case might be a kernel 2.6 issue, it might be a
partitioning tool issue, it might be  a grub issue, it might be a bios
issue, it might be a combination of all those or none.  Whatever it
is, I'm very much NOT convinced this is as wide spread as people would
believe. I have heard fc2t3 install dual boot scenarios that have
worked without a hitch. Hell even one bug reporter in the comments
tried to reproduce the problem after a bios upgrade and could
not...that suggests something.


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