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Re: Burning ISO to CD

Leon Stringer wrote:

This is slightly off topic but I'm having severe problems burning the FC2 ISOs to CD with FC2t3.

A conservative guess is that 1 in 5 CDs are working OK the rest are landfill and this is obviously frustrating my move to FC2.

I'm burning with Nautilus' "Write to CD" option (i.e. right clicking on the ISO file) and I've checked the MD5sum of the ISO beforehand.

I've tried 3 different drives (Samsung SM-332B, SM-352B and an MSI 52x CD-R drive) and tried Maximum Available and 2x speed and both fail. (I'm checking the md5sum of /dev/cdrom and this comes up with the wrong number and an error message)

The media are Sony 700MB CD-Rs. The platform is Intel 845GERG2 board with a P4 CPU.

So: am I doing anything wrong? Should Nautilus be able to write reliably? Are my drives or media no good? Is this a known problem in FC2t3? Will I ever be able to install FC2?!

I'm very grateful for any pointers in troubleshooting this,


I burned the ISOs on an FC1 system. It worked with the method that you described. I downloaded the images via bittorrent. The disc had minor errors with a false start bringing up the GUI installer initially. It then had an error reading information for one of the selected rpms. It did read the rpm after pressing return for a retry.

I am wondering if you also downloaded via bittorrent or retrieved the images either by http or ftp? If you downloaded via bittorrent, I'm wondering if the problem is with the downloaded file and fragmentation?

Someone mentioned that if you copy your downloaded images to a different location, it will lower the fragmentation level of the file. Maybe the iso image is too fragmented. If you copied one image to a different directory, then deleted the original file, then copied the other files to different locations, deleting the original downloaded image, if it would help with the final image on CD?

As far as burning the ISOs on FC2, they work. I ftp transferred the iso images retrieved on my FC1 (bittorent retrieved) to my newly installed FC2 installation. I burned them the same way as you described.

The short of it. Transfer the images to a different system or move the files to lower file fragmentation and try to burn again.


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