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Re: Is it safe to remove IPv6 from latest test kernel

On Sat, 2004-05-22 at 02:39, Jesse Keating wrote:
> *cough* to answer your question, removing ipv6 shouldn't hurt things 
> horribly.  Be sure to disable any services that may use ipv6, such as 
> ip6tables or anything like that.  Of course this configuration may be 
> largely untested so you may be wading into waters where nobody has an 
> answer for you.

According to Alan it could break gftp, so I'm not going to be removing
IPv6 till I look at that...

> Also, comments like the ones further down in your email are a quick way to 
> ensure that you won't be posting on any Red Hat list in the future.  
> Please try to keep personal remarks such as those to yourself.  I don't 
> care what you call people when talking to your cat (or whatever object may 
> be in your talking range), but there is absolutely no reason to do 
> something like that in a public mailing list.  Try to keep it professional 
> 'eh?

Yeah I know, I wasn't in the best condition when I posted that and it
was highly inappropriate, I apologize.  I sent a separate e-mail to this
list and the devel list apologizing a moment ago for my remarks.  Warren
isn't evil, I was just frustrated I wasn't getting the answers I'd hoped
for.  Look for better behaviour in the future.



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