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Re: Really strange CDRW problem

Just a general comment about rewritables...

Just because you can burn a CD on one drive, does't mean all drives will read it.

Obviously, do not burn a CD at 10x if someone you are going to give the CD ROM too doesn't have a 10x drive.

If you can't read it, just burn the drive at a lower speed, and always make sure you have the latest Orange book classification firmware for your CDROM drive. (i.e. you should update the firmware in the drive if you consistently have issues at supported speeds...check with your manufacturer of your drive to insure you have the latest updated firmware.)

Many drive sellers OEM the same drive so it might take some doing to get the right firmware if you have a off brand drive.



Christian B. Ellsworth Capo wrote:

On Wed, 2004-05-26 at 12:08, Paul wrote:


I have some CDRWs which work up to x10. To my understanding, that means
they're happy on CDRWs upto x10.

When I try to burn using k3b or xcdroast, all that I get is that the
drive doesn't support x10 discs. These discs work fine on a Win98 box
with a 8x4x32 drive in (iomega zip CDRW - same as I have in my linux

Any ideas what gives on this?

between the 4X cdrw and the 10X+ cdrw, i think there is a difference,
the faster disks have a different logo(HIGH SPEED CDRW), on my old HP
9300i (10x4x32x) i couldn't write highspeed disks (10x) in any speed,
only the old 1,2,4X disks.
this was in windoze or linux.



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