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RE: FC 3 and Kernel Lock or Hang

I'm still on kernel 727 with occasional graphic and keyboard lockups at
home.  I've done the following:

1.  installed xscreensaver-4.19 from source

2.  installed all xorg rpms from rawhide

3.  gone through the FC 3 (and FC's 1 and 2) release notes and used rpm -e
to delete all packages stated as removed

I found one error in the FC 3 removed packages list:

  # rpm -e fedora-release
  error: Failed dependencies:
          /etc/redhat-release is needed by (installed)

Apparently fedora-release is still good, just updated.

**Immediate, unrelated success** with the removal of old stuff: I didn't
state so in the original problem description, but I usually update rather
than do a clean install.  And I know that occasionally there are insidious
problems with doing so.  For example, my udev/hotplug now works properly
when I plug in my flash drive (glory!).

Shouldn't the installer ask to remove old packages (maybe deprecated
packages, too)?  I don't recall ever seeing such an option.  It is really
tedious to do so by hand.  There may be something I've missed since it is so
easy to do an upgrade--usually saves much work with /etc system stuff.  And
I have to admit I usually save reading the release notes for when problems
develop (bad practice I know--I promise to do better).

Based on the hotplug fix, maybe that's all the X problem is: conflicts with
old stuff.  I'm going back through the FC 3 package list and make sure I
have nothing else from previous releases hanging around.

By the way, I notice the Fedora home page lists packages for FC 2 but not FC

Keeping my fingers crossed,

-Tom Browder

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