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Re: Severe problem with Writer files and X

Andy Hudson wrote:
I just updated to Rawhide (yesterday evening) and have tried to work
with some OpenOffice.org .DOC files.
Updated from ?

Everytime I try to open one of these files X crashes and lands me
straight back at the login prompt. This happens *everytime* and is
extremely annoying. Opening other files (except OOo) seems to be OK.
How do you open the file ?

I've filed a bug
https://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=185798 but has
anyone else seen this behaviour?
Works fine for me if I open oowriter and then open a .doc; it's also fine to open file manager and double-click a .doc file.

Could you try opening the other way ?
If you have many .doc's, is it just the one that is failing ?

# file *.doc
in the folder you are interested in might show that there are faults in even the small part of a .doc that file uses to detect file type ?

Can another machine open the same problem doc ?
What version of what application was used to create the document ?

I'm working on Rawhide, installed on a Dell D610 laptop.
What graphics chip is used ?

Are you really up to date ?
# rpm -qa|egrep 'kernel|xorg|openoff'|sort


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