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totem and totem-xine in f8?

Under gnome 2.20 release notes there is this about totem:

Not all distributions like to install all multimedia codecs by default, due to the need to obtain patent licenses for some codecs in some countries. This means that applications can not always read every file format by default. But applications such as GNOME's video player, Totem, can now offer these new codecs to the user for installation. This is actually implemented by your distribution, which may make its own decisions about how to obtain the codecs.

How is/will be implemented for f8? At the moment under livna development tree I can notice that  there is only totem-xine 2.18....
Does this mean that in f8 we, european users, could finally avoid deinstalling totem from fedora and installing instead totem-xine from livna (or other alternative repos)?
And how is backend for totem in f8? If gstreamer, was it fixed to support dvd navigation and play?

Thanks for your answers, so that I know how to better test and feedback it


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