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Re: "yum update" dependency error

On Thursday 11 October 2007 04:53:24 pm Rahul Sundaram wrote:
> Tom Brinkman wrote:
> >    IIRC you were the one that complained when I posted that
> > script long ago (over a year, nearly two?).  Of course you're
> > correct, but, again IIRC that is a script authored by SV, an he
> > an other devels are aware that --s-b often fails an they're
> > workin on it on yum-devel, the ML.
> Actually. no. The script was written before the plugin appeared.

   Yes, did I say anthing different?  Your old 'file a BZ' doesn't 
work here (rawhide).  Often mirrors or updates are borked for a day 
or so, then fixed or caught up. But you know that

   You've yet to ans why the 'old' script works, when --s-b fails. 
Probly not your bailiwick anyhow.

   An I agree, most things should be BZ'd rather than work'd around. 
I just don't think this is one for your standard Rahul BZ response. 
I agree with the OP that this list is a proper place to note daily 
mirror/--s-b problems... but BZ no.  Heck it'll probly be fixed 
manyana anyhow  YMMV
    Tom Brinkman                       Corpus Christi, Texas

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