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Re: no kernal after boots

On Wed, Oct 24, 2007 at 08:52:37PM -0700, ray goss wrote:
 > this is a repost to add that I get same message with
 > -30 and -31 kernals
 > after update to kernal  fc8t3 nolonger
 > boots, the last few lines displayed are .
 > starting udev               ok
 > load default keymap         ok
 > setting hostname   localhost.localdomain       ok
 > no devices found
 > setting up logical volume management:  no volume
 > groups found
 >      ok
 > checking filesystems
 >                                                failed
 > *****  an error occured during the file system check
 > ****** droping you to a shell ; the system will reboot
 > *****  when you leave the shell
 > give root password for maintainence
 > ( or type control-D to continue )
 > giving root password I can browse around in the
 > filesystem
 > including /home/(me) and all seems normal.
 > kernal  boots normaly
 > is there any way around this other than wait for a
 > kernal that gets lvm straight ?

This looks like theres some error on your filesystem
rather than a kernel bug.

do a fsck /dev/mapper/VolGroup00-LogVol00
(or whatever your root filesystem /dev node is)
answer any questions it asks, and reboot, and it should be fine.



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