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RE: Fedora 8 can't read parition table sata drives

Thanks for the input. Sorry to report that it didn't work.  Rescue CD
still does not read partitions.  As mentioned I can still boot with a
previous kernel so I am not too worried.  But what is going on?  My Sata
drive is /dev/sdb.  The only other thing that I can see is that in the
bios my sata driver is listed as the forth drive (One, Two, Three are
non existant).  I tried plugging the cable into another socket on the
MB, but it still shows up as drive 4.  Could this be an issue for the
module?   I guess my other option is to reinstall on my IDE drive....

Just providing some input....


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On 28.10.2007 17:43, dragoran wrote:
> On 10/28/07, Boyd Kelly <Boyd Kelly businessobjects com> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Just wondering if anyone might have a suggestion for this issue.  
>> Might it be fixed soon?  Or is it best to just do an fdisk and see if

>> that will work?
> Passing adma=0 to the sata_nv module might help but I have no idea how

> to pass it to anaconda.

Quote from anaconda's changelog:

> * Thu Sep 27 2007 Jeremy Katz <katzj redhat com>
> - Support modname.option=value for passing options to kernel modules

thus passing


on the boot prompt might help.


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