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Re: new leadership draft being posted...

> The page
> http://fedora.redhat.com/about/leadership.html
> will be updated in the next update to the web site.
> I want to remind everyone when you see it that it's DRAFT II, not
> "FINAL", and ask that discussion happen on this list.

I will admit, I don't have full background on all of the Fedora policies,
I've only been on this list for a week.

What makes me curious is the intense RedHat involvement from the top.  I
understand that this project is funded by RedHat, but it's going to raise
some complaints from the community.  I deal with Debian developers on a
daily basis and their biggest complaint seems to be the heavy RedHat
involvement.  I don't think this is all bad (I get the impression RedHat
has a clue), but it may be wise to bring a few non RedHat people onto the
Steering Commitee.  This would help mitigate any complaints from some of
the more "left" community members we'll say :)


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