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Re: Fedora LiveCD : Looking for Betatesters - Port of redhat 9.0base to fedora core 1

On Tue, 2003-12-02 at 03:28, Stan Bubrouski wrote:
> > I'd be very interested in seeing a FC1 LiveCD, I'd like to test it, and
> > I have a number of friends and colleagues who would be very interested
> > too.  BTW, please include GNU Parted... unbelievably handy to have on a
> > bootable CD.
> > 
> I totally agree, its adds to the useful of the CD tenfold.

QtParted is something we tend to use a lot at install fests - it allows
partitioning to be done by those less experienced. If GNU Parted goes
in, please try and include the front-end as well.

If its not too much to ask, the Fedora kernel should be re-rolled for
some NTFS support, so that we can also have ntfsresize on there (though
those two may be independent of each other, I'm not certain).

If we want a useful Fedora LiveCD, it should be as useful as the Knoppix
LiveCD (if not more useful!).
Colin Charles, byte aeon com my

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