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Re: Fedora minimal install option

04-Dec-2003 fedora-devel-list-request redhat com:
> Subject: Re: Fedora minimal install option
> From: Stan Bubrouski <stan ccs neu edu>
> Not at all.  Minimal installs are great on older machines where only a
> couple basic services need to be offered.  For instance an old 166MHz
> pentium used for a gateway or as an SMTP relay.

Yes, that is it! :)
Why should I install those packages what I will never use on the machine? :o

> From: Xose Vazquez Perez <xose wanadoo es>
> Not necessarily only in old hardware. There are a lot of places where a
> _spartan_ installation is great idea: web nfs database... servers,
> snort , firewalls, ... usually with *dedicated* services.
> And there are important benefits: installations, re-installations and
> crash recovery are faster, it's more secure, less packages to maintain ...

Yes, that is it too!
It will be more secure without the unnecessary packages!

> From: Rui Miguel Seabra <rms 1407 org>
> Irrelevant question.
> The relevant questions are:
>   Is so much software needed in a Minimal Installation? No
>   Can Fedora Core do better? Certainly so.
>   Should it? I think so.

Yes, that is it!

> From: Panu Matilainen <pmatilai welho com>
> FWIW I have a P90 box with 450MB disk running FC1 as a gw/firewall..  and
> diskspace isn't even tight (relatively speaking of course :) . though I
> must confess it was originally installed as RH7.2 IIRC and then over time
> upgraded with apt, later anacondas don't run since its got just 32MB
> memory. 

Ohh yes. RedHat/Fedora should have a minimal kernel (like other linux
distributions) for the installation progress and otherwise. :)


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