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Re: Fedora Core 2 wishlists

Bill Nottingham wrote:

Ian Wells (ian yoshian freeserve co uk) said:

> * Well tested inplace upgrade from FC1 -> FC2.  I really would like to
> be able to just edit my yum.conf file, and do a you update, wait a
> little while, reboot, and done.

I would like to see two things:

* An easy upgrade as described above

* An easy clean install without burning to CDs
Boot from USB drive + all ISOs sitting on a local fileserver

In what way do existing mechanisms not work for this?

I can't say specifically. I just know that I heard of lots of users having trouble using yum or up2date to upgrade their box from one older versions of RH to FC1. All I was saying with my original post, is that I see easy continuous upgrades between Fedora releases as a priority. I want to be confident that I can upgrade from FC1 -> FC2 without causing major problems, and minimal downtime.

Is there an upgrade support policy? Something like, every FC release is supposed to cleanly upgrade from the previous release. Upgrading from anything older than the previous release is not supported.

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