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Re: Fedora Core 2 wishlists

On Mon, 2003-12-08 at 22:21, Michael K. Johnson wrote:
> From a human factors standpoint, we'll need to change the name
> when we expose it.  Fedora Core Core is going to confuse people.
> That said, I support exposing it.

Fedora Core Minimal doesn't sound that bad :).

On my wishlist:

- Backup tool available in menu (supporting incremental backup to
external hard drive would be great :)

- GUI for editing RPM sources, at least one of 

- For people with more than one machine on their
home network, easy GUI setup so that RPMs are
downloaded only once, stored on one machine disk
and other just have to pick-up things on the local network
(may be with up2date option and minimal system-config-nfs ?)

- If installer sees a big disk (say >= 80GB), recommand to reserve
a partition (say ~ 8GB) so that it's easy for a not that technical user
to test FC3 betas when they're out without risking
too much of their system. The idea being that
FC3 betas are able to detect this partition, install
themselves there, add their entry to the existing
grub and don't otherwise touch other partitions. This might
increase the feedback on betas and help form a tester community
with more end users. I don't know if this is a goal,
but this might help for 2.6 kernels and various hardware,
or brand new GNOME/KDE versions, etc...

- Nightly or frequent builds of XFree86 FC RPMs for the
aventurous (okay, not specific to FC2, and might
already exist for FC1, URLs welcomed).

I know most of these things are doable with FC1, the
idea is to make this a bit more GUI-easy :).



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