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Re: Fedora Core 2 wishlists

On Tue, 2003-12-09 at 01:05, Daniel Veillard wrote:
>   you need to nfs mount a shared directory.
> Edit /etc/sysconfig/rhn/up2date, set keepAfterInstall to 1

There's an option in one of the GUI for it (don't remember
where but I clicked on it). All package manager
I know of have this option off by default, looks
wrong when I look at 1$/gig for disk vs consumer monthly
price of bandwidth :).

> and storageDir to that shared directory.

Don't remember seeing a GUI for setting up the directory
(/var/spool/up2date and /var/cache/yum, I use
rpm -ql package|grep var to find out where stuff
is cached...). 

>   GUI won't work because primarilly you need a shared space, and
> except NFS that won't work well, and setting up an NFS space is
> not a simple GUI click option. 

redhat-config-nfs? Looks nice and simple to me :). Not used yet though.

For mounting I'm so used of fstab that I didn't
look at what might exist GUI wise, any suggestion
on where to look?

Then the only missing piece is the option
in the up2date GUI to be master or slave
of storageDir (and storageDir to
be world readable for easy sharing,
nothing secret in there :).

> But it ain't hard for a sysadmin.

I use scp and a little script for my home network
(could read the rsync man page one of these days :). 
At work our setup is a bit more industrial for our
150 linux servers (number soon to doubled :).


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