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Re: Fedora Core 2 wishlists

On Mon, Dec 08, 2003 at 10:15:30AM -0500, Michael K. Johnson wrote:
> However, that won't be the ONLY feature of Fedora Core 2.  I'd like to
> hear people's wishlists.

OK, I'll bite.

- full IPSEC support

  VPN server and client, with easy client setup foo (ifup/down-ipsec
  is there, but references racoon which seems not to be included in FC1,
  at least I find no *ipsec* or *racoon* RPMs). Please use
  SuperFreeSWAN's IKE daemon (pluto), reasons outlined by Dax Kelson
  in another mail in this thread.

- SELinux (work already in progress. NICE.)

- XFS support in installer

- mtr with IPv6 support (patches are available)
  [and please provide a /usr/bin/mtr -> xmtr symlink]

- support (also in the installer!) for encrypted filesystems

- WaveLAN drivers: madwifi and prism54
  Most cards nowadays use the Atheros (madwifi) or Prism chipsets,
  otherwise you're really dead in the water for waveLAN under Linux

- Enlightenment, with proper integration into GNOME like it was in
  Red Hat Linux 6.2 *sniff*

- barebone install, as already discussed in this thread

- Postfix default MTA, probably get rid of sendmail altogether

- Courier as IMAP4/POP3 daemon with IPv6 and SSL support out-of-the-box,
  to replace the other imap/pop server daemons.
  Also include maildrop (procmail-like tool which integrates with
  Courier's virtual user management) and perhaps squirrelmail (webmail

- support secondary addresses for interfaces also for IPv4
  (already supported for IPv6 via IPV6_SECONDARIES in the ifcfg files)

- Galeon as lightweight, but still usable and quite stable browser

- syslog-ng (really)

- RRDTOOL, Cricket (network statistics)

- online filesystem resizing (shrinking & expansion)

- l2tpd, L2TP tunneling support (client & server, same as with IPSEC)

Best regards,

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