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Re: FC1 Support for *relative* new hardware

Am Mo, den 15.12.2003 schrieb Michael K. Johnson um 20:04:
> On Mon, Dec 15, 2003 at 05:54:40AM +0100, Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:
> > I think we need updates more ofter in these areas, or even better, a
> > special repository that contains not-so-well testet updates that support
> > newer hardware. This is IMHO better than not be able to run linux
> > because of lack of hardware support.
> > 
> > No, not rawhide, this is IMHO a bit to bleeding edge -- if heavier
> > changes are ongoing there a simple rebuild of the SRPM on the current
> > stable release sometimes is not that easy (or so it was in the past with
> > RHL). And this is nothing a unexperienced linux user is able to do when
> > he want to try linux on his brand new pc/printer/graphics card. 
> This place is called updates/testing -- where we test updates before
> pushing them out finally.

But if there is something heavier ongoing in testing it is not that easy
vor the linux-beginner to integrate this work in the current stable

Therefor my proposal with a separate repository -- users that don't need
the update won't get them automatically and users who really need them
can get them easily. 

> Now, in terms of doing the work needed to push out updates, you want to
> work with the package maintainer on that.
> > Printers are a good example where I can give a nice example (but I can
> > give you many more). Fedora is only one and a half month old but if I
> > (for example) go to the web-page of a major german distributor and
> > search for a photo-printer from HP I find six different photosmart
> > models from 89 up to 329 Euros. But none of them is supported by FC1!
> > They exchanged all older models shortly after or in parallel with the
> > FC1 release. So they are not supported directly on FC1 (yes, some of the
> > old drivers will work -- but a new linux user will fail at this point).
> Excellent example -- and you volunteered to help...


>  I'm guessing this
> really just requires foomatic and maybe printer driver updates?

AFAIK yes -- and (again AFAIK) everything needed is already in testing. 


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