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Re: Firebird, Thunderbird and Desktop integration fixes


I'm not sure if I understand Warren's email perfectly, but this might help you.

I made two scripts for thunderbird and firebird which work for me.
thunderbird launches firebird from links in mails. And firebird launches thunderbird with mailto and news links in firebird.

Currently I'm running thunderbird 0.4 and firebird 0.7+ (the daily build of 6 Dec.). I unzipped the thunderbird tarball in /usr/lib/thunderbird and the firebird tarball in /usr/lib/MozillaFirebird (It also beats me why the mozilla developers have different naming conventions for firebird and thunderbird)

The attached files I placed in /usr/bin

In the GNOME Preferences I made sure that my default browser is /usr/bin/firebird %s and my default email /usr/bin/thunderbird %s


Warren Togami wrote:
Matthias Saou wrote:

n_powell wrote :

Folks, does any know of a repo supporting Mozilla's Firebird for
Fedora Core 1?

dag has it.  Look again.  Or if he is in your sources.list - apt-get
install mozilla-firebird

I tried it out a little while back, and found no way of getting good looking anti-aliased fonts, like I'm able to have in mozilla. Is there a way?


fedora.us anti-aliased fonts with our MozillaFirebird package works great for me. Make sure however that you haven't installed other versions in locations like /usr/local because some 3rd party scripts in the past have tended to search directory locations and run it instead. This perplexed me a while when anti-aliased fonts stopped working *sometimes* when it was running the wrong installation of Firebird.

Please also try our latest MozillaThunderbird package with my attached open-browser.sh script. It theoretically allows Thunderbird to smoothly use your "Preferred Browser" set in gconf, but the script needs more cleanups and testing. The script needs to be improved to be able to support any browser that is configured with an absolute path in gconf too.

Unfortunately both /usr/bin/mozilla and /usr/bin/MozillaFirebird scripts are currently broken in the check_running() methods due to the 'ping()' xremote call failing with the same return value when Thunderbird is running. The Thunderbird open-browser.sh contains an ugly but working workaround for this xremote problem.

During this winter break I am planning on working on the ultimately replacement for htmlview that respects the gconf preferred browser configuration while working for all browsers even while Thunderbird is running. This is within my larger goal of working on patching various applications of our desktop software to better integrate. This includes various aspects like clipboard behavior, and more common keybindings across GUI applications (Gnome and KDE).


-- fedora-devel-list mailing list fedora-devel-list redhat com http://www.redhat.com/mailman/listinfo/fedora-devel-list

#set -x # Uncomment "set -x" for debugging

export MOZILLA_FIVE_HOME="/usr/lib/MozillaFirebird"

if [ -z "`ps x | grep \"[0-9] ${FIREBIRD_PATH}/MozillaFirebird-bin\"`" ]; then
    # No MozillaFirebird running
    ${FIREBIRD_PATH}/MozillaFirebird $@
    # MozillaFirebird running - open a new window
    ${FIREBIRD_PATH}/MozillaFirebird -remote "openURL($@ ,new-window)"
#set -x # Uncomment "set -x" for debugging

export MOZILLA_FIVE_HOME="/usr/lib/thunderbird"

#check if command line arguments have the form "mailto:somebody somewhere com?subject=something"
#if that's true put "somebody somewhere com?subject=something" in MAILTO address
MAILTO=`echo $@ | awk 'BEGIN{FS=":"} $1 ~ /mailto/ {print $2}'`


if [ -z "`ps x | grep \"[0-9] ${THUNDERBIRD_PATH}/thunderbird-bin\"`" ]; then
    # No thunderbird running
    ${THUNDERBIRD_PATH}/thunderbird $@
    # thunderbird running - raise window
     ${THUNDERBIRD_PATH}/thunderbird -remote "xfeDoCommand(openInbox)"

if [ -n "$MAILTO" ]; then
    ${THUNDERBIRD_PATH}/thunderbird -remote "mailto($MAILTO)"

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