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Re: XFS in Fedora Core 2

I know for our super computer people this is a must have for the large 
disks and such.. and while the code may look like crap to the kernel 
people.. it is what they want <period>.

On 18 Dec 2003, Florin Andrei wrote:

>Now that the schedule for the Fedora Core 2 got published, i don't see
>any mention of XFS.
>- will XFS support be included in the kernel? (probably yes, since it's
>already in the test version, but hopefully it won't have any debug
>options turned on or other silly things like that to cripple it)
>- how about userland XFS support? (the XFS utilities required for
>formatting, dumping/restoring, etc.)
>- how about support in the installer? (anaconda)
>And finally, is there any reason to hide so cautiously the other
>filesystems in the installer? A regular user would never find them,
>because everything is hidden unless arcane options are passed to the
>Wouldn't be simpler to just list the supported file systems all together
>in Disk Druid?

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