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Re: XFS in Fedora Core 2

On Fri, 2003-12-19 at 06:03, Jeremy Katz wrote:

> Simpler, maybe, but it greatly increases the testing matrix.  Right now,
> it's easy enough for me to pass off problems with a "it's hidden for a
> reason, if you use it and it breaks, sorry".  The other problem has
> traditionally been that the kernel team was against "supporting" other
> filesystems -- with Fedora, this picture changes a little, but I'd still
> want buy-in from davej before doing it.

Some of the SGI folks were very keen on us getting XFS into FC1, but
time constraints meant it didn't happen. If upstream maintainers of
various filesystems were happy to get involved and pick up any
JFS/XFS/Reiserfs/etc.. bugs from bugzilla and work on them, I'd feel a
lot more comfortable about saying "sure, move them all to supported,
they'll be supported by xxx vendor com".

The 'unsupported' here means basically we don't have the resources
to dig into the guts of these filesystems if something goes horribly


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