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Re: some changes for (slightly) faster boot

I honestly don't remember what the alsa config does anymore, since it has been
humming along nicely for a while now.

The capture card came out with a new tuner, and the module authors took a bit
to get autodetecting support for it into the module.

The firmware comes from a different party (i.e. the hardware manufacturer who
doesn't provide a linux driver-- suprise suprise), and so I have an init-script
extract it from the latest available driver (i.e. out of an self-extracting
(win32) archive).

Since I tend towards the bleeding edge of hardware and software, working around
bugs is just something I often do.

-Roberto JP

--- Colin Walters <walters redhat com> wrote:

> On Mon, 2005-01-03 at 21:07 -0800, Roberto Peon wrote:
> > Disagreement.
> > 
> > I have custom configuration for my audio card (custom alsa config), 
> What do you configure?  Or are you just working around bugs?
> > and my
> > video capture card (have to specify tuner and firmware location) as well.
> That just sounds like you're working around a bug.  Doesn't it work to
> put the firmware in /lib/firmware?
> -- 
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