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FD.o subsystems (was:Re: some changes for (slightly) faster boot)


> Not that I know of. That's why I keep posting the
> link ;-)
> Someday someone will read it and say "oh, I should
> do that"

I believe the current one is written by you. In that
case you are probably the most suitable person to do
it if you have the time..

> D-BUS is moving along nicely, which would give you
> the basic building
> block.

I dont see how a more universal registry of settings
is going to use an IPC mechanism as a building block.
Would you please care to expand on that. is this
future plan documented somewhere just like the gconf
link :-).

> The "future gconf" described at the link I posted
> *should* be a fair bit
> easier to implement than current gconf is, and less
> code in the end.

I guess that means you expect a complete rewrite. I
believe a newer version of KDE and gnome which breaks
binary compatibility is the crucial point to push thru
fundamental sub systems like dbus and gstreamer for
example. I would love to see a universal gconf like
system being adopted by next major versions of the

Also useful would be a discussion to create a fd.o
system as kparts/bonobo replacement. would dbus fit
the basic needs here?

Since KDE versions are released in sync with QT, the
next major version of KDE is likely to be released
before Gnome (QT 4 beta 1 has already been released) 
and hence this has to taken into consideration for all
such discussions

Rahul Sundaram

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