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Re: Stand-alone kernel module packages now in rawhide.. the dawn of a new era

On Sat, 08 Jan 2005 13:07:42 +0100, Arjan van de Ven <arjanv redhat com> wrote:
> I do wonder though why they aren't just patched into the regular kernel
> rpm... Would make a lot more sense for something provided in the core
> distro....

I disagree.  I think having at least one stand alone kernel-module
package in Core that serves as an example of how to package
stand-alone modules serves a significant purpose. I realize you're not
fond of the concept of stand-alone module packages in general. But the
fact remains that addon packagers do have to deal with it, and I think
the community benefits at large if how to deal with stand-alone kernel
packages equitably became a concern inside Core, so that can we hammer
out a standard way to do this as part of the the Core development tree
testing process.

I also find the idea of putting every non-standard module for Core
that is not in the upstream kernel inside the kernel package contrary
to the 'upstream upstream upstream' mantra fedora project seems to
project.  I can understand patching in functionality that has to be
patched in because it can't be modularized. But for downstream module
additions inside Core, why shouldn't they be packaged as standalone? 
When we finally have to start talking about moving stuff between Core
and Extras to change the size of the Core, keep these kernel modules
as stand-alone leaves the clustering functionality on the table as
something to be moved into Extras.


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