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Re: what USB-2 CF reader is alleged to work?

Pete Zaitcev wrote:
> I use SDDR-31 successfuly since 2001, it's a great device with
> [almost] no serious firmware problems which plague this kind of
> peripherals.

As I can't use the SDDR-31 either, it would be a dramatic improvement if
I could get that working.  But I'd most like to find a USB-2 reader that
works, because the files my camera writes are huge...

> This is not good, because -71 is a low-level protocol error. Usually it
> is called by things like a bitstuffing violation, a missing token, etc.
> I cannot speculate what causes it, but every component has to be excluded
> by replacement. We can exclude readers now, so it leaves motherboard
> chips and traces, cables, possibly a hub, and most especially any power
> supplies involved. Sometimes it happens when people connect external VGA
> to a laptop, go figure! (I am not saying this is your problem, obviously).
> I know who I am dealing with, Jamie, but for the list archives: DO NOT
> exclude two articles at a time. If you replace the laptop, leave all cabling,
> hubs, and the reader, in place.

It's a desktop, not a laptop.  My current (brand new) mobo is an ASUS
A7V880 VIA KT880.  It also has a brand new AMD 3200/400 CPU and brand
new RAM.  And I've tried two different power supplies, just for kicks.
There are no hubs involved, I plug the CF readers directly into the
onboard USB.

So yeah, I've already run so far out of ideas that I've gone down the
"replace absolutely everything" path.  Hell, the *disks* are only a few
months older than the rest of the machine.  The only other peripheral
plugged into the machine at all is the video card (Nvidia 5700 Ultra).

> To be frank, it is possible for the software to report -71 for a bad
> reason, when it is confused. Once we excluded everything else, with
> the computer itself, it's time to look at UHCI root hub handling.
> We'll take it from there.

Ok, what other info would help?

> BTW, I should note that it is possible to use a passive PCMCIA-CF adapter.

I've used those succesfully in laptops, and consequently (a few years
ago) I tried to get two different models of PCMCIA bay installed in my
desktop machine to avoid USB entirely, but that was an even bigger

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