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Re: HAL policies for port. music players

On Sun, 09 Jan 2005 12:56:59 -0500, David Zeuthen <david fubar dk> wrote:
> This means: For a specific device (USB vendor_id 0x0d7d, USB
> product_id 0x1600), HAL/fstab-sync will attempt to use the mount
> point /media/my_mount_point (if it's not taken already!) and
> add the mount options uid=555 and gid=555, which of course only
> applies to vfat. 

Is there any way inside hal policy to build logic based on which user
is console user at the time?  Console user is a special desgination
after all, and it seems perfectly reasonable to me that you can run
into multi-user networks where the competent administrator wants to
have the device appear differently based on who the console user is.
Mundane example...  I have two users  Dick and Jane.  If did is on the
system as the 'console' user can i have a specific device mounted
readonly under the mountpoint /media/Dick's Drive and when Jane is
console user have the specific device be mounted read-write under
mount point /media/Jane's Drive.

Is hal policy flexible enough to deal with different users in
different ways? Or to create a mount point based not just on device
information but on 'console user' information as well?  I realize that
the default hal policy tries to target the most common single user
needs... but once you start considering multi-users systems local
admins might want to create policy that works differently depending on
who is logged in at the console.


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