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Re: what USB-2 CF reader is alleged to work?

On Sun, Jan 09, 2005 at 01:30:47PM -0800, Jamie Zawinski wrote:
> I'm surprised at the small number of responses to the "what CF reader do
> you use" question!  I guess people on this list don't have cameras?

In my case my only USB 2.0 card reader is an AVB UC-28. Data transfers
to/from it kept freezing up on me (the computer itself wouldn't freeze
but data transfer to/from the card reader would halt and stop making
progress). However, not long after that, two of the electrolytic
capacitors on that computer's motherboard burst, so maybe that was the
real source of the problems. (BTW, I still haven't fixed that computer
yet. I plan to, soon, but I haven't yet.)

Now that I think about it, this reader seems to work fine with Linux on
every other computer I've used it on -- but that's not enough usage for
me to be confident in recommending it to other people yet.

-Barry K. Nathan <barryn pobox com>

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