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Re: HAL policies for port. music players

On 01/09/2005 02:50:52 PM, Havoc Pennington wrote:

My prediction is that mounting it by default is what virtually everyone wants.

I don't know that I would necessarily agree with that. If they are using it for a general data drive, sure.

If they are using it for its intended purpose, a storage facility for media files to be played later, then there is no purpose in mounting it until an application needs it, and no purpose for an icon to appear on the desktop.

What I'm guessing most users want to do is add and remove files for use on the device itself later, which needs to be done with a front end that speaks to the devices library database. Thus I would think most users want an _application_ to be able to talk to it, which can be accomplished by mounting the device when the application wants it.

This is what gtkpod does when used with autofs. It's not mounted until you click the button to read from the iTunesDB. Then it mounts via autofs and the iTunesDB is read (or written). When gtkpod exits, the volume soon unmounts, as nothing is accessing it.

I suppose some users might want the interface application launched when they connect the device. That's the default behaviour in Windows (which I find annoying but that may just be me). But unless they plan to manually move files to and from the volume, then the user has no need for it to automount unless an application wants to interface with it.

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