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Re: [Possibly OT] Trademarks

pri rhl3 iadonisi to (Paul Iadonisi) writes:

>   At the risk of stirring up a hornets' nest, I'd like to pose the
> question to Red Hatters: what approach are you taking to trademarks?
>   Apparently, there is (was?) some discussion going on at debian-legal
> regarding Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Thunderbird.  At first glance, I
> see that there are quite a few patches included in the firefox rpm in
> FC3 and even more in rawhide and I'm wondering if Red Hat has filtered
> this through its legal eagles, since it is still called Firefox.

ACK; I really doubt whether rawhide's firefox can be called 'Firefox'.
The applied patches lower quality and reputation of the Mozilla Firefox
product significantly (buttugly icons, removed functionality for upgrading
extensions with security leaks) so I do not see how the Mozilla Foundation
could accept this package as an official build or a "Community Edition";
it is definitively an "Iceweasel".


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