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Re: HAL policies for port. music players

On 01/10/2005 04:52:24 AM, Mike Hearn wrote:

OK so that doesn't give you the best experience as right now Nautilus insists on putting a trash can on the player, and also Nautilus can't sync two directories together. I started writing an app to do all this but realised it'd be a lot easier to do it manually

That's a different issue I also think could use help.
A standardized (as in freedesktop.org type standard) way of storing multimedia library information - probably in xml - that includes location on filesystem, playcount, rating, other data (that may or may not be in the file metadata)

Then common sync tools could be written to the standard for different types of players that would "just work" with whatever app you use to play your music, so long as your jukebox app used the standard.

but that's another issue all together, and not a fedora issue.

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