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Re: HAL policies for port. music players

Jeff Spaleta wrote:

On Mon, 10 Jan 2005 12:52:24 +0000, Mike Hearn <mike navi cx> wrote:

OK so that doesn't give you the best experience as right now Nautilus
insists on putting a trash can on the player

The trashcan on removable volume has come up before. But if you look at David's list technical items, maybe there is room in the per-device properties concept to include the ability to disable the trash can for specific devices. So not only can you decide per-device if you want a certain application to launch when you insert it, but you can also set whether or not the device gets a trash can as part of an extended per-device set of properties.


In fact i just brought this up over at nautilus because i had a problem with not being able to "delete" a file in the GUI without configuring the filemanager (it is a file manager after all). I understand and value the concept of a "trash can/recycle bin" and i even think that the default behavior is correct (send to trash on delete key) but i think that you should be able to circumvent the trash (via shift+del or even Edit > Delete) without resorting to configuring the application. I do think that the perdevice configuration is valuable but a good set of default capabilities goes a long way and is much less user work intensive.

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