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Re: [Possibly OT] Trademarks

Havoc Pennington wrote:

Changing the configure arguments in the packages and doing an
Obsoletes/Provides firefox wouldn't take very long, if we need to do it
someday. So there's no point stressing about hypotheticals. There's
value to calling it Firefox for now (if only to avoid user confusion)
and if we have to change it someday, it will cause some problems but
they'll be the same problems if we change it today.

It does indeed have value, for novice novice pc users like my mom, the programs and icons on her desktop are the same at home (on FC3), as the programs and icons at her work (WinXP). The programs are called the same and works the same way (Open Office, Thunderbird & Firefox).

Having the same programs with different names & icons would only add confusion.

Changing the names & icons at a "later" stage, would ofcouse add confusion, but it might be easier to explain that its "just a namechange" when she have adopted to using it.

Kris "wants a cool sig like Mr. Spaleta".

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