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Re: Minimal installation

Ralf Ertzinger wrote:
On Thu, Jan 13, 2005 at 04:38:25PM +0000, Carlos Rodrigues wrote:

to have a really minimal installation option? I was thinking something like the base installation of the BSDs.

I think this depends on what you define as minimal.
A kernel and a statically linked shell would suffice :)

That would be way too minimal :)

What I define as minimal is something that only contains the base of a working system not intended for any specific purpose, providing a minimal compile environment (gcc + glibc-devel + g++ maybe) and network connectivity (xinetd, dhcp client), plus a way to pull other packages into the system (rpm + yum). The diskspace necessary shouldn't go too much beyond 300Mb.

Right now, a minimal system gives us too much cruft, and forces the "rpm -e" of quite a few packages. I guess a rule of thumb should be "if there is a significant amount of people out there that would remove this package upon installation, then it isn't minimal". Of course there is an amount of common sense here, there are some packages that I could remove from my system, but don't bother me much if I don't.

I'm not trying to suggest a "10Mb Fedora install" here. ;)

Carlos Rodrigues

PS: like I said, this is just like the BSDs base install.
PS2: BTW, can someone point me to some of the somewhere else mentioned kickstart files for doing this? (If they aren't easily googlable)

url: http://tudo-sobre-nada.blogspot.com

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