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Re: FC1 vs FC2 vs FC3

daly rio sci ccny cuny edu wrote:
Is there a reliable way to know what version of Fedora Core is running? I need to write a shell script to distinguish the cases. uname does not seem to provide this information in a form I can use.


cat /etc/redhat-release

'course, then you start running into various definitions of "reliable" -- which usually stem from differences in the definition of the word "version."

I've run across machines that have most of the software normally found on, for example, redhat 7.3, but claim to be running 7.1. Such boxes are usually installed with one operating system release, but gradually upgraded to keep up with later releases, though never officially installing or upgrading to the newest release.

You'll have better luck checking the version of the particular package(s) you're interested in interacting with, in most cases.

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