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Re: mod_dav_svn update

Féliciano Matias wrote:

When I update my system, the propose is to use the new version (security
fix, ...). Perhaps it's better to schedule an update at midnight than
when there is a rush of connection. It's up to the administrator to
decide when and how to update his system.
If daemons are not restarted when I update a system then when this
append ?
Do you ask me to always reboot my computer after "yum update" ? Too bad.
Suppose I update httpd and httpd is not restarted. One week later the
server is restarted (power failure), the new httpd does not start and
"bad luck" I am in holidays...

What do you think about this scenario ?

btw, "service httpd reload" (or condreload) is not enough alter an
update ?

"service httpd reload" is enough for reloading the configuration files.
httpd can do this while already loaded into memory.

Observe we are in a thread about a mod_dav_svn update.
That is *not* a configuration file.
Reloading a module requires "service httpd restart".

Joe, what about a system variable somewhere that would flag if the administrator
wants an RPM update to restart the relevant service? Default "false", of course.

Pedro Lamarão

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