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Re: Fedora Core 4

Féliciano Matias (feliciano matias free fr) said: 
> GFS ?
> There are packages in Rawhide.
> It's just for the record. It's not a request.

Told you I was forgetting something.

> > - GCC 4, if it's ready
> > 
> > - Xen and Virtualization
> Anaconda support for Xen host ? This should be great for testing
> propose.

Maybe, maybe not. It's not completely obvious that anaconda
is the right way to set up a virtual environment.

> > - Extras at launch time. Or else.
> Could you elaborate ?

Well, there wa fedora.us for FC1 and FC2, and there are pre-extras at
the moment for FC3. With FC4, the plan is to have Extras available for
FC4 at release time (Extras for FC3 should be official and public before

> Is Fedora trying to provide this feature :
> FC4 + Fedora Extra 4 => update with anaconda => FC5 + Fedora Extra 5

That may not be in FC4; that may come later.

> Will FC4 provide iso for Fedora Extra ?



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