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Re: Fedora Core 4

> - SELinux Episode III: Revenge of the AVC

how about gui integration with gnome by letting nautllus show security
contexts and manipulate them using chcon, fixfiles etc as the backend.
Good GUI tools for analysing existing policies or customising/creating
policies would be a good step forward in the perceived user

> - Faster boot

I would really like a faster productive machine overall. somebody
please kill up2date and bring out something better with the ideas
discussed before in the list

> - Java
>   More native-compiled GCJ stuff. Including Eclipse.

how about tomcat/ant/ gcjwebplugin?

>   Hopefully, self explanatory. Could coincide with the move
>   of some bits from Core to Extras. In fact, some of the
>   stuff on this list of features may *be* in Extras.

Is there any move towards moving "alternatives" like KDE,  exim etc
into its own alternatives repository as envisioned here


That would make fedora core truly the core parts of the fedora
distribution which should be just one cd and let the other
repositories packaged as ISO if possible in parts even in a way that
enhances and provides a flexible solution for the fedora core

Rahul Sundaram

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